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Oh Em Gee! Our New MBM GLITTER PALETTE is here. This amazing 30 shade glitter palette is made from cosmetic standard glitter - meaning it is completely face & eye-friendly, but can be used all over the body if you wish! Perfect for makeup artists that need a selection of cosmetic grade glitters on hand. Or for someone who just adores having the option of every glitter under the rainbow. Not to mention, this glitter palette has real staying power too. You can add a glitter glue or primer underneath, or use a setting spray to give them some real staying power. Perfect for a night out, festivals or just when you want to feel like a sparkling fantasy creature! 


How To Use:

Tap the pans lightly with your brush or finger and continue adding more glitter if you're going for a super glam look. Be generous! Don't be afraid to pack it on. For smooth even application silicon brush is recommended

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