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These great quality brushes are filled with beautiful pink diamonds for a sophisticated look. Ideal for any upcoming makeup artist with the affordable price of $20.99. This set has a total of seven brushes with which you can create a full face look. 

We can’t wait to see the magic you create with these brushes!

We look forward to your feedback!


Powder Brush

With the handle held flat to the face, gently glide the bristles to spread powder to the contours of your face. The fluffy brush sweeps on powder with a soft, airy finish.


Blending Eyeshadow Brush

This loose, dome shaped brush is perfect for blending eyeshadow to eliminate the appearance of harsh lines.  It blends color effortlessly on the lid and crease and can also be used to apply concealer.


Angled Eyeliner Brush

This brush can be used to draw precise lines, smudge, or to create a classic cat eye. The brush features straight fibers to use with liquid, cream and gel formulas as well as loose and pressed powders.


Angled Blush Brush

The slanted bristles make it easier to apply products perfectly to your cheekbones. For an alternate use apply contour powder below your cheekbones to emphasize your natural contours.


Contour Shader Brush

This Brush is perfectly suited for the natural contour of the eye and works harmoniously with all types of eyeshadow to create a seamless contoured effect.


Eyeshadow Brush

This brush is ideal to apply eyeshadow, whether it is in the form of cream or powder, it will apply smoothly and precisely onto your eyelid.


Face Shape Brush 

is a compact face brush for precise and detailed contouring, perfect for creating airbrushed contours along the cheekbones, jaw line and temples.

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